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Single Country

Return & Refund Policy

1.    It is mandatory for the customer to have had reported the issue to our Customer Care Department whilst they were overseas.

2.    If the customer does not cooperate with the Customer Care Department to get the issue resolved, no refunds will be given.

3.    Refund will only be made should the Customer Care Department be unable to get the customer’s SIM card functioning.

4.    Refund will not be given if the SIM card usages call record details is not available.

5.    The customer needs to return the SIM card along with a copy of the invoice within 7 working days of their return to India in order to claim their refund on account of non-functioning of his SIM card.

6.    Refund against Trip Cancellation : In case customer reports, his/her trip cancellation 24 hours prior of departure time with proper ticket cancellation proof, 100% refund will be made to customer within 4 working days.

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