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Single Country


Ans- Global One E-SIMallows you to make call from “anywhere to anywhere” , which means that apart from calling Local & India, E-SIM service allows to make call to all the major countries across the world over WiFi, at a fractional cost.

E-SIM can be used from any Android or Apple device to make international LD calls.

Ans- Global One E-SIM requires Subscriber number which is provided by the Global One. And also require downloading the E-SIM app form your Play Store Market. The app name is CSipSimple.

Ans- Global One emailed you the instruction for the same after you purchase the SIM.

Ans- To make an outgoing call using Global One E-SIM, you need to be registered on a Wi-Fi network and have the CSipSimpleE-SIM app running on your phone. You should make the call using the Global One E-SIM app dial pad. To make a call the regular roaming way, you should make a call using the CSipSimple app or from your regular phone dial pad.

Ans- When someone dials your Global One E-SIM app the system will first check if your Global One phone is registered with the CSipSimpleE-SIM app on a Wi-Fi network. If it is registered, the call will be sent using E-SIM. If the CSipSimpleE-SIM app is not running or it is not registered on a Wi-Fi network, then the call will be sent using the standard Global One roaming network and charged our standard roaming rates.

Ans- No. Global One SIM is not required to be installed in the phone for Global OneE-SIM service to be used. However, you do need to have Global One E-SIM account with a Global One Subscriber number.

Ans- Yes. You can call from anywhere as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

Ans- Your active Global One E-SIM Subscriber number will be shown on the caller ID.

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