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Single Country


Ans- By default, Global One International SIM card comes with UK Mobile number. Please enquire if you need any specific countries mobile number.

Ans- To know your phone is locked or unlocked after inserting the SIM card in your handset you will get the following messages on your phone screen.

1) Insert SIM
2) Enter PIN code
3) SIM card are not valid.
4) SIM card Registration Failed

Ans- Dial 191 (or *11*191# in some phones) from your phone to know your global one mobile number.

Ans- Yes, Voice mail is available in our Global One SIM card,

Ans- Any unlock GSM phone is compatible with Global One SIM for Europe and for USA and North America Country you require Quad-band phones.

Ans - Yes, you can browse the Internet, check email and use other data services with Global One SIM Service are available in over 130 countries.

Ans- Yes, Data packages are available on Global One SIM.

Ans- Global One SIM does not offer SMS Service to short code numbers.

Ans- You can dial 154 to reach HelpDesk.

Ans- There are additional calling options available to reduce cost.

SIM VOIP – iPhone and Android App allows lower cost calling and texting over WI-FI or Mobile Data.

Ans- Yes, you can forward your Global One SIM mobile number to other number by using below instruction.

Dial 199 _ Country Code Number_ Mobile Number. Ex: - 199919841012345; you will get SMS on Global One SIM that calls are diverted.

To cancel, dial 199 from Global One SIM.

Ans- We now offer SIM cards in universal sizes, where the SIM card contains all THREE (3) sizes i.e. Mini, Micro and Nano.

Ans- Direct Dialing :Direct Dial calling allows the caller to enter the international call prefix, country calling code and telephone number and then be directly connected to the person they are calling. This is how you dial when using your regular mobile service. Direct Dial Calling is standard on the Global One SIM.

Ex: enter (+) and (00) + country code + Mobile no.

+919841012345 or 00919841012345

Callback services: When using Callback services, you dial the number; after 3-5 seconds you will get a call from the number you have dialed. As you answer the call, it will then ring to the dialed number. This is callback service and is quite normal.

When using callback service, some incompatible phones require this dialing format: *11*CountryCodeNumber# (or *11* number# Ex: to call +919841012345, you have to dial *11*919841012345#)

Ans- Yes, you will get the itemized bill of using Global One SIM card if you will subscribe to Postpaid Plan from Global One.

Ans- Normally you will get SIM card on same day from Local office or representative. Delivery period will be min.1-2 days in other metros, state capitals and & 2-4daysinnon- metro cities& towns.

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