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Single Country

Travel Insurance Policy

Travelling to International country can be exciting with lots of plan pen down. At the same time, safety also plays a vital role while you travel. As a result, your insurer has the due responsibility to give you the first priority. Your policy number can not only save your life, but also save your unnecessary expenses. As Global One strives to provide best service to all the travellers and explorers of the world, (Insurance Company Name) is glad to assist you with some policy outlined for a smooth, easy go.


  • In case, you or your family member come across any accidental injuries, sudden illness, permanent disability or death throughout the journey, your insurer will help you cover all the expenses.


  • Don’t panic at a situation where you might face loss of passport, baggage, and wallet. Your insurer will assist you to hold a new or duplicate passport and acquire your personal belongings too.


  • At times there are unpredictable changes like flight delays due to natural disasters, or internal airline problems for more than 12 HOURS. Your expenses will be incurred with the help of the insurer.
  • Even if you aren’t able to board the connecting flight due to the 3 HOURS of delay from the airline, which you chose to start your journey, the amount will be incurred.


  • If at all you or any of your family members suffer from unexpected medical issues throughout the journey at abroad countries, you may seek for immediate medical evacuation back to your respective homeland. 


  • An uninvited bad news or a drastic change in your trip will force you to cancel the tickets. Your expense invested on the trip or destination will be incurred with the help of your insurer.


  • The Insurer understands from the health perspective especially when you are hospitalized for more than 7 DAYS. Hence, a return ticket amount can be reimbursed for the family member who wished to visit you.


  • You could be mugged of your expense at any random place of abroad country that leads to travelling issues and other survival expenses. Your insurer can help you with some emergency cash.


  • A dangerous situation that struck can traumatize you mentally and emotionally. At such phase, your insurer will be supportive to overcome your stress.

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