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Single Country

FAQ - Gold and Silver Plan

Answer: In case of Schengen countries minimum requirement is S.I of 30,000 Euros. For Global One we provide S.I of 10,000$
Answer: To avoid inconvenience while travelling to abroad i.e. Medical Expenses, loss of passport, checked baggage loss etc.
Answer: No, there is no need for pre-approval. Kindly get in touch with the assistance Company.
Answer: After receiving the data from global one will take days’ time to share the policy copy.
Answer: No, but kindly provide details within 30 days after the policy Inception.
Answer: Yes the refund will be credited in the CD statement.
Answer: SIM needs to be activated and the cover starts when the Immigration exit stamp is applied on the passport and ceases as soon as the insured returns Back to the home country i.e. when the immigration entry stamp is applied on the passport.
Answer: Kindly refer policy wordings for the same.
Answer: Maximum trip duration is 60 days per person per trip.
Answer: The same can be taken from the assistance company. The contact details of Assistance Company are mentioned in the policy copy.
Answer: Yes Travel should commence from India and cease in India.
Answer: Please note we cover only checked baggage loss.
Answer: We provide cover for checked baggage loss and not for hand baggage.
Answer: The same is not covered.
Answer: Accidental Death and dismemberment happening in the common carrier I.e Public Means of transport.
Answer: It differs from country to country.
Answer: Kindly get in touch with the assistance company for the same.
Answer: No, The said Policy is provided only for leisure purpose.
Answer: After 12 hours S.I of $500 will be paid for the necessary purchases incurred during that period.
Answer: Kindly get in touch with the assistance Company.
Answer: In case of emergency Kindly get in to any of the hospitals post which kindly inform the assistance company.
Answer: Basis policy terms and conditions the same is not covered.
Answer: Preexisting is an exclusion under the policy.
Answer: Kindly refer attached policy Wordings.
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